Is Raf Simons exactly what the Calvin Klein brand needed?

Yes. The answer is yes.

On Friday morning, the bar was raised for the fashion industry at the Calvin Klein Show. Raf Simons, who was named Chief Creative Officer for the brand, made his debut at the show with his new collection, Parade.

Embed from Getty Images

Calvin Klein, a 50 year old brand, has been struggling to keep up with the trends and live up to the industry’s expectations. Simons came in and knew exactly what to do. His collection celebrates America at its best, with models adorned in bright colors, classic denim, tailored jackets, plastic wrapped dresses and much more.

An art installation by Sterling Ruby was the centerpiece of the show and consisted of bits of yarn, leftover denim, fabric, washed out banners and even buckets. Ruby is known to display art and designs that echoes the troubles of the art industry and worked with Simons previously at Christian Dior.

Embed from Getty Images

What’s impressive is how fresh the collection is. One after another, models walked downed the runway with denim top to down, chic coats (a Clavin Klein classic), the popular see-through shoes and fancy sleeves.

Embed from Getty Images

Simons also made a strong political statement but didn’t let it overtake the message of the show.

The show simply emphasized how great America it is. A Brazilian designer revamps the American brand.


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