Every Bachelor season needs a Corinne Olympios

Since the season first premiered on Jan 2, Corinne Olympios easily became the star of Monday night’s The Bachelor. Although Nick Viall is the one with the spotlight on him this time, Corinne is the star of the show. It surprises me every time when there is a new Bachelor season dawning upon us and the women yet again are appalled and disgusted by the behavior of others. Reality Check! You are basically competing to win your man. This is not just a reality dating show, this is an outright dating competition. If you make it far enough you might even fall in love and be engaged to the man of your dreams so there is a lot at stake. You can’t just wait around and hoping he will notice you. You have to be confident and courageous enough to get out there and make your presence known to him.


Enter, Corinne. She does just that. She is pretty much every woman’s alter ego on the show. Everything that you shouldn’t do, and yet everything that you should. Everyone continues to be surprised that she has made it this far into the show but if you think about it, all she has done is completely be her self. Her crazy crazy self. This isn’t to say that the other women aren’t being themselves, they are. But maybe her crazy self is what Nick meant when he said

Corinne also might be the best thing to happen to ABC in a long time. The seasons’ ratings and viewers continue to go up every week, with last week’s episode resulting in 7.56 million viewers. And with the final episode coming up soon, those viewer numbers are only going to go up.


Now will Corinne be the one who ultimately gets engaged to Nick? That, I can’t predict. But I can predict that if she doesn’t, she will definitely be back on TV. After all, we all need some good TV.

Until then, I know I’ll be watching tonight and praying that Raquel finally makes a cameo! #TeamRaquel