Your Weekend Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco never disappoints. From the iconic Golden Gate bridge to mountainside views and scenic drives, it happens to be one of our favorite weekend getaways on the west coast. But when you only have 48 hours and a whole city to see, it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we did the research for you so all you have to do is relax and explore.

Check out our below recommendations, there’s a little something for everyone and their mood.

Golden Gate Bridge


Yes, you expected this one. But don’t just find a good place to take the perfect picture of the bridge. Rent a car and actually drive through it. The experience (and tolls) is totally worth it. The view is absolutely beautiful, with big mountains on one side and the perfect view of Alcatraz on the water coupled with the Pacific ocean underneath you. And while you’ve got that car with you, keep driving and go to Conzelman Road for more scenic views of the bridge.

Tip: If you are an avid photographer and don’t want to miss any pictures, you can also park your car and hike all the way to the top of Conzelman Road.

Sutro Baths

Once a giant public swimming pool and amusement center in the 1800s, Sutro baths is now a must see historical landmark at Land’s End. Although the structure is now in ruins, visitors can still hike down the trail and take a relaxing swim if it’s warm enough. Once done, you can also grab a bite to eat at the Cliff House situated right above the baths.


Lombard Street

Take a walk down San Francisco’s most crooked streets. This one might leave you feeling dizzy (just kidding it’s not that bad at all). With plenty of tourists around and the 8 squiggly turns on the 600 foot road, you want to stay away from driving on this one. Walk it and take everything in. It is truly a marvel with lots of photo opportunities along the way. This place is always busy and filled with people from everywhere but from time to time, there are moments when you can enjoy the spot all to yourself.

Pier 39

This bay side pier is full of delicious food, sights, shops, sea lions, dessert and people. In fact, there are so many people at this pier at any given time that you can just go and people-watch for fun. Who doesn’t like to do that? But if you aren’t about that life, then take a walk down towards the marina and you’ll sport plenty of sea lions going about their sleepy day. Oh and did we mention how good the sea food is here?


Twin Peaks

These two hills will give you a view of San Francisco that you wouldn’t even image. At an elevation of 925 feet, it can get chilly and windy up there so a light jacket is a must along with your camera. The whole view is like looking out of panorama lens of your camera. For an even more scenic experience, try going to this lookout for sunrise and sunset. Now that’s an Instagram worthy hike.

There’s plenty more to do in the bay area s