Top 10 Lifestyle Habits for Millennials

We all need some help in this life to get by. Too often, we develop unhealthy habits that prevent us from being our best selves. Here’s the top 10 hacks to make your life a little easier, and a little healthier.

1. Work out every morning


Science says it only takes 7 minutes of working out every day to stay fit. Working out every morning wakes me up, keeps my mood elevated, provides a sense of routine every morning, and helps keep my metabolism high  every day. I’ve been sticking to a routine of 50 pushups and 50 situps every morning, but choose your own routine and stick to it.

2. Laundry 


Wash your underwear separately from your other laundry. Literally buy a detergent bar and hand wash them in your bathroom sink. Then throw them into the washer with the rest of your load. Doing this prevents all that icky fecal matter from circulating all over your clothes.

3. Eat and poop better

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To feel fuller throughout the day, drink water. But also take in high protein foods or supplements. Try drinking a cup of black coffee every morning and if you happen to be at a Starbucks, ask them to mix in a scoop of whey protein (most starbucks have this). Ask them to blend it with the hot black coffee and you will have a surprisingly delicious coffee that tastes as sweet and creamy as a sugared coffee with creamer.
High protein foods allow you to move your bowels easier as well. If you feel constipated and really need to make things happen, I find black coffee + protein + bananas + a lot of water will get things going! Avoid dairy.
Also, when pooping, using a squatty potty can be life changing. Propping up your feet on a box or a stool when you are on the toilet severely decreases the strain you put on your intestines and heavily decreases the amount of toilet paper you use. Your body will thank you and you will wonder why this hasn’t been the norm before.

4. Make unfriendly relationships better

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If you find that there is someone in your social group or at work who is relatively unfriendly, try following the 2×10 rule. Spend 2 minutes per day for 10 days talking to this person about stuff that is unrelated to how you are connected. For example if this is at work, try talking about non-work things like hobbies, weekend activities, etc. Or if this is a friend in your social group, talk about work or other topics not involving mutual friends.

5. Sunscreen lotion

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Do it. Even in cloudy skies your face gets barraged by gamma rays. Sunscreen lotion is the best way to keep your face looking young and protected.

6. Having trouble sleeping?

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Set an alarm for the time you want to be in bed by. For you, that may be 10pm. Over time , your body will learn to automatically start your night routine closer to that alarm going off. Once you are in bed, you can spend time on your phone or read a book and nod off eventually. It’s a healthier routine for your mind and body.


7. Losing weight

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Intermittent fasting has been cited as one the best ways to promote metabolism and healthy gut bacteria. If you’ve been in a bad cycle of snacking, try fasting 1 day (12 hours) where you only allow yourself water / black coffee / tea (and absolutely no sugar). Practicing this every other week will spike your metabolism, moderate your moods, and keep your gut bacteria healthy by removing cravings.
If you want to try to be really intense, try a 3 day water fast every 3 months. It’s gross! Your body will push out toxins, making your skin and hair greasy, and you will get tired and feel weak. But! Your stomach will completely remake itself and it will completely eliminate all gut bacteria in your stomach allowing your body to start over. This kind of fast is known to produce enzymes that promote longevity, and will lead to sustained high metabolism and weight loss over the next few weeks.

8. Clean a little every day

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A cluttered room or house can lead to a cluttered mind. Cleaning a little bit everyday is much more preferable to having a cluttered house that you clean infrequently. It makes my place so much more easier to think and work in.

9. Feeling stressed? 


Try Celestial Tension Tamer Teas – these herbal teas work wonders when you need to calm down or lower anxiety and can be bought at any grocery store.

10. Be grateful and boost your happiness


I’ve heard that a grateful mind is a powerful mind. Don’t underestimate the value of a thank you in any situation, especially in relationships you may take for granted. Scientifically, expressing gratitude to someone is one of the fastest ways to make yourself feel happy as well. But don’t just do it for that reason alone!
Guest post by Steven Maheshwary