Are you guilty of swiping left all the time?

10 years ago, there were hardly any dating websites or apps around and the idea of using them was haunting and almost always embarrassing. It was a last resort to even consider going online to find a blind date and someone to connect with in cyberspace.

Things have certainly changed. 2012 marked the beginning of a cyber dating era and we are still living in it. Tinder started all the madness – a social dating app which lets the user swipe left (to say no) and swipe right (to say yes) to the suggested candidate who pops up on your screen based on location and preferences. Since then, there have been multiple dating apps that now take up storage space in our phones (Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge). We live in a world where we are constantly meeting and talking to people we don’t know but want to know.

It’s exciting. Technically, you can find your next great love or even the love of your life sitting from the comfort of your home. But because this has become so easy, and because that pool of people that you can choose from has become so large, we often become too picky.

Swiping left has become easy. Swipe left on that guy who has a strange picture with his cat. Swipe left on the girl that has Justin Bieber listed as her favorite artist. Swipe left on the guy who seems too good to be true. There’s a notion that in the sea of online dating, it somehow becomes easier to find the “perfect” one. It becomes easier to say no to getting to know someone who doesn’t have that perfect first impression. But is that fair?

Saying no has become all too simple and common. How could you possibly know someone well enough by just looking at three pictures and reading a a couple bullets about their likes and dislikes? Your profile on a dating app has now become more important that your career portfolio –  your pictures can make or break it. You are supposed to have one picture that highlights your style, personality, career and morals all in one. And if you happen to not be photogenic, well then good luck. You might as well delete the app now.

Take a chance and swipe right. It’s like walking into a bar one night and hoping to meet someone cool. You won’t know until you talk to someone there and have a conversation. There’s a chance that you may just have said no to your soulmate for a small, unimportant reason. My point is that you should give yourself a chance to meet someone, a chance for the person on the other end to also get to know you. Dating apps should be all about opening yourself up to others and taking risks. Next time you are iffy about someone you just matched with, go ahead and give it a shot. You owe yourself that.
Swipe right and take a chance. I know I did and if I hadn’t I would have never met my boyfriend of 1.5 years.

Swipe right.

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